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A Typical Day

Activity Time - 60 minute

The child chooses their activities from the entire preschool:

  • a playroom with dress-up clothes

  • play dough

  • a dollhouse and puppets

  • a block area with trucks and trains

  • a sand table with toys and tools

  • a story/science area with puzzles, games, books and seashells

  • a woodworking area

  • an art project planned by the teacher

RPCP Playroom during Activity Time
Music and Movement time at RPCP
Music & Movement, 20 minutes

The child has opportunities to:

  • learn to sit and participate as a group

  • develop listening skills

  • learn new songs and enhance memory skills

  • enhance social skills

  • get up, move, and have fun!

Circle Time & Story Time

20 Minutes

During Circle/Story Time the class is divided in half. One half of the class meets with the story parent to hear a story and the other stays with the teacher for circle time; they switch halfway through.

Circle Time emphasizes cooperative learning. The children help each other learn and support each other's efforts. They work on:

  • taking turns

  • speaking in full sentences

  • being the center of attention

  • colors, shapes, letters and numbers

  • counting and pre-math skills

  • grouping and categorizing

  • expansion of memory

Story Time is led by a different co-op parent each day, and is an opportunity for the child to further develop:

  • auditory-visual sensory integration skills

  • listening skills

  • literacy skills and phonological awareness

  • communication skills

  • concentration skills

  • logical thinking skills

RPCP Circle Time activity
Show and Tell at RPCP
Show & Tell

15 Minutes

Show & Tell helps the children work on:

  • listening skills

  • social skills

  • language skills

  • being the center of attention

  • using many of the skills developed in Circle Time

Snack Time

15 Minutes

Snack Time helps the children work on:

  • listening skills

  • social skills

  • language skills

  • table manners

RPCP parent shows what's available for snack time
RPCP outdoor playtime
Outdoor Play

20 Minutes

Outdoor Play is a great time to develop their motor skills with:

  • running

  • jumping

  • riding bikes and scooters

  • climbing a play structure

  • playing in a pea gravel box

  • drawing on a chalkboard

Goodbye Song
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