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Enrichment Class Info

What is the Afternoon Enrichment Class?

Our afternoon enrichment class is a new class for kids age 3-5 that meets

once a week to do fun activities that we would normally not have time to

do in the 3s and 4s classes.  It is enrichment for the parents too, as these

special activities will be planned and taught by the parents in the


What enrichment activities will kids
participate in?

Enrichment activities can be any topic that the parents are interested

in doing, such as:

  • Special art projects

  • Cooking

  • Science experiments

  • PE (e.g. sports, yoga, or dance)

  • Geography/Social Studies (e.g. learn about a country or state)

  • Music

  • Theater

  • Math

  • Career Day

Parents should feel free to be creative and do anything they think the kids would enjoy.

Who can enroll and how much will it cost?

Any child who is age 3-5 at the start of the quarter can enroll in the class.  Fees are as follows:

  • $75 non-refundable enrollment fee (waived if already attending 3s or 4s classes)

  • $195 per quarter (11 weeks, Jan-March, March-May)

What are the class requirements and logistics? 

The enrichment class will be held on Thursdays from 12:30PM-3PM starting on January 23, 2020.  This is not a drop off class; parents will be attending with their children.

Parents will be required to teach two classes during the quarter and, if they are not already enrolled in 3s or 4s, attend one evening parent education class. ​

To register for this class, please follow the directions on the registration page!

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