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RPCP 2021 Fundraiser

We’re excited to announce that we've partnered up with 11 Olives again this year for our fundraiser! 11 Olives is a local olive oil producer, owned and operated by one of our wonderful alumni, Kim Martin! 

Sales will begin November 19th and will run through December 3rd. 


To place your order, please visit www.11olives.comDuring checkout please make sure to enter the Promo Code RPCP . This will allow 11 Olives keep track of all orders placed to benefit the preschool. 







You can either have your order shipped to your home/other location or local pick up at the preschool.  If you choose to have your order delivered to the preschool, select the shipping option Redmond Parent Cooperative Preschool Donation.  We will send an email with the date(s) and times for a drive-thru style pickup.

If olive oils aren't for you, 11 Olives is also collecting donations for the preschool on their site.  Just go to and you can select your donation amount. In the shipping options, please select Redmond Parent Cooperative Preschool Donation.

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