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What is Play-based Learning? I want my child to learn academics!

Play-based education has been formally defined as a natural and meaningful process where young children build knowledge and life-long learning skills in a manner that is developmentally appropriate. A strong play-based model provides a balance between child-led and teacher-supported learning. Routine is an important aspect of this learning model, as is having an opportunity for the child to play for extended periods of time. This play time allows children to explore, experiment, and learn in a preschool environment where they are encouraged to ask questions and to problem-solve with other children and adults.

Play-Based Learning

Girls playing dress up and cashier at RPCP
What is RPCP's philosophy on Play-based Learning?

A strong preschool program is both play based and academic. Being academic is more than just putting pencil to paper or remembering ideas by rote. It is all about children taking new ideas and connecting them to the world around them. Co-op education programs facilitate this!

Where can I find more information from experts on Early Childhood Learning?

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