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Remote Learning

We're excited to announce our plans for remote learning!

In addition to Zoom Classes on scheduled class days, we will be adding the following:

Twice-Weekly remote Circle Time- A combination of our traditional Music, Story  and Circle Times. Children will get to sing along with fun songs, listen and follow along to curriculum based stories, as well as participate in fun learning activities.


Weekly Wednesday Swing Day- Where the other two class days are dedicated to our specific curriculums, our Swing Day will allow us to specialize those very important social/emotional skills.  Show and tell, virtual field trips, and optional in-person outdoor education activities will enhance our remote learning model without overworking our little one’s online stamina.


Bonus Remote Evening/Afternoon Activities- These events are similar to additional activities we would normally provide during a traditional year. From VIP Pumpkin carving nights to dance parties, just more family fun!


Monthly Art/Science Packet Pick-ups- Drive up and collect art packets filled with supplies that correspond with our monthly curriculum. 


Monthly Remote Parent Education- Online Experts Speaking on Topics relevant to today’s Parenting Experience.


Siblings can participate-We love having siblings join in the fun during this time of remote learning! We are asking that families contribute $50 a quarter per additional child to cover supply costs. This is completely optional.

** Please note that the above plans are tentative and may change. We understand that our situation is ever-evolving.  We will continue to follow guidelines set forth by CDC, Washington Dept. of Health, LWSD, and LWTech.

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