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Yelp Reviews:


"My kids LOVE this school!! I have 2 kids with autism, and 1 typically-developing, and all 3 of them love to go to school. It's all they talk about all week! Miss Karen (the 3's teacher) has been so loving, kind, fun, and gentle with them, and you can see her devotion to the kids in everything she does! I love that I get to be there with them in the classroom, participating in all the learning (disguised as play). When you go to co-op, there are no distractions from the fun (aka learning), as so often happens when you try to play with your kids at home. Here, there are no ringing phones, no computers, no TVs - just plain old learning through play. I highly recommend this school for anyone who wants to have a deeper connection with their children, and wants their children to learn while playing." --Sharry H


"To be honest, it was the price that drew us in first. While looking at other preschools like some of the Montessori programs, it seemed that we would be looking at spending close to 1000 dollars a month. The tuition at Redmond Parent Cooperative Preschool is less than 100 dollars a month. So we were instantly interested.

However, it was the school, the teachers, the community within RPCP, the sense of involvement and more that kept us loving the school. Our son was in the 3 year old class with Miss Karen and learned so much and made wonderful connections with both the other children and also with their parents. (I have heard an elementary teacher comment that she can tell the students who had gone to coop preschool because they are much more comfortable around adults.)

Our son is set to go into the 4 year old class with Miss Julie and he is very excited - we are all excited. It has been a wonderful decision for our family to have our children enrolled at RPCP. And it has certainly been financially helpful as well." --Neal M

"Like a previous commenter said, the price is what initially peaked my husband and I's interest. I had never heard of a cooperative learning preschool and as a stay at home mom, I thought I'd much rather send my child to a preschool where I didn't have to stay in order to get some alone time but boy, was I wrong! Engaging with my child, other children and other adults was and is such a fun way to experience early education with my child. There is such a bond that forms with the teachers, parents and students. RPCP gives my family a great sense of community, and we couldn't imagine going anywhere else which is great because they'll have us for 3 more years!! :)" --Andrea H



Facebook Reviews:

"All three of my kids attended RPCP. It is an amazing first introduction to school. My kids and I made lifelong friends. Well worth the 45 minute round trip drive I made twice a week!" --Kirsten G

"Our child was a part of the 3s program last year as well as the 4s program this year. This was one of the best decisions we could have made. Miss Talia (3s teacher) was calm, kind and gentle with our kiddo who had a lot of separation anxiety in the beginning. She found out what was needed to allow our child to feel safe while away from us. Seeing the transformation from the beginning of the year to the end was amazing and it allowed our child to blossom out of their shell. She created an atmosphere that made our kiddo excited to return the following year and eager to learn more.
Miss Julie (4s teacher) is a calm but energetic teacher who engages the children as an educator while understanding that they’re 4-5yr olds who are not used to sitting still as if in a classroom. She also gives them rules/structure to help with that next step into kindergarten which I feel is crucial. Her tone with the children is extremely kind and reassuring that make the children comfortable with taking chances on answers that they may not know. She provides such a wonderful learning environment.
Both teachers invest their time and energy into our children, but they help support us parents as well. I feel the knowledge they passed down as well as their demeanor helps to support us parents in our roles of raising the next generation of amazing humans!" --Aimee V.


Redmond BizList Reviews:


"My daughter whose 9 and in 3rd grade went thru the program 6 years ago and she still talks about her preschool! It was recommended to me by a friend and I've been continuously recommending it to all of my friends with small children.The cleanliness, amazing personalites of the teachers and the day to day activites and organization of the school really made me confident that my child was learning and growing into an independent little person ready for Kindergarten. I'm fortunate that I get to go back thru the program with my 3 1/2 year old son. I'm excited to see him enjoy it as much as my daughter." --Angela S

"Redmond Cooperative Preschool was the perfect start to my daughter's education. Instead of being unduly academic, the school encourages curiosity, imagination and cooperation. Children learn to interact with multiple adults and children in a safe and caring environment. I intend to send my son to this school when he is of age." --Lindsay


Redmond Patch Reviews:


"We were not looking specifically for the co-op experience when we first considered and visited the school. From the moment we walked in the door, however, we knew it was the right place to be. Could not be happier with our year here, making moving on so bittersweet! The school, its philosophy, and the teachers are simply wonderful." --Amy

"My daughter is having a great experience at this preschool. She has learned so much through the play based environment. She loves the woodworking station, art, all the songs and the many friends she has made the last two years. I just wish I could have sent my son here too. Don't let the parent involvement scare you, it is all worth it." --Gail K

"I've sent both my children here and would do it all over again. The teachers of both grades are above and beyond fabulous. The play-based learning environment is great for all different personality types to thrive. There is a time commitment requirement (all parents attend monthly meetings and work at the preschool once a week) but it really is worth it!" --A Jones

"RPCP is a great environment for learning and socializing, for kids and moms! And Miss Karen and Miss Julie are simply wonderful, loving, encouraging teachers. You couldn't find a better coop preschool anywhere."

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