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It's the Great Pumpkin, Co-op Friends!

We were blessed with gorgeous weather at our 3s pumpkin patch field trip a couple weeks ago! Tons of fun with extended family, alumni big sibs, and some "nocturnal animals all about"! Complete with a special Halloween themed storytime and snack. What a great way to get into the Fall spirit!

Girls holding mini pumpkins
Little pumpkins for some awesome little ladies!

Baby calf drinking from a milk bottle
This baby calf had just turned a month old! The kids had fun watching their parents feeding them with giant bottles.

Girl gesturing to the song "Nocturnal Animals"
On a moonlit night, "when the stars are out", there are nocturnal animals all about!

Moms and child standing in a pumpkin patch
A perfect sunny day for picking out pumpkins with great friends!


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