Veggie Charm at Oxbow Farm

For our April field trip, our 3s classes went to Oxbow Farm last week to learn all about plants and growing veggies! We learned so much and had so much fun! Take a look at our adventure below! We finished off with a great snack and show and tell. See you next year, Oxbow Farm!

A Floss-inating Day!

Yesterday, we had a fun-filled 3s in-class field trip to the "dentist's office" to learn all about teeth, cavities, and good brushing and flossing! Our lovely guests from Evergreen Pediatric Dentistry were wonderful, and the kids had so much fun! To get our energy flowing, we started off with some music in motion with a tooth brushing rap, complete with turns and claps! Then we talked about what foods stick to your teeth and cause cavities. The kids were great at identifying all the things that were healthy and bad for teeth: Fruits and vegetables slipped right off, but the sweets and soda stuck like a magnet! Next, we got a little practice brushing and flossing. To demonstrate how flossi

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