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Veggie Charm at Oxbow Farm

For our April field trip, our 3s classes went to Oxbow Farm last week to learn all about plants and growing veggies! We learned so much and had so much fun! Take a look at our adventure below!

sign to enter kids farm
Learning alert! Now entering educational zone!

Kids using a fork to get out carrots
We started our tour by picking carrots! Some were a little hard to wiggle out by hand, so we brought out the (preschool) power tools!

Girl holds carrot
The fruits (or veggies in this case) of our labor!

parents eating carrots
That our grown ups could enjoy too!

planting a sunflower seed
The kids each made a little planting pot made of newspaper to plant a sunflower seed! Looking forward to watching them grow!

child holding worms in soil
We got to see our friends who visited a couple months ago: the worms!

snail on flower
And some critters not so friendly to farmers, but still cute nonetheless:).

girl running through a tunnel made of branches
And of course, what better way to finish a tour than a nice run through the branch tunnels at the farm?

We finished off with a great snack and show and tell. See you next year, Oxbow Farm!


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