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Snack Serendipity

The best ways to get kids to try new foods is to make it fun and creative, or let them help you make it! Being the kitchen parent at co-op gives you an great opportunity to get kids to eat things they normally wouldn't and let your creativity shine! Here are some of our favorite snacks over the years for inspiration.

Themed Snack:

Welcome to preschool week snack
Welcome to Preschool snack with homemade letter crackers of the starting letter of each child's name and age

Snow week snack
Snow week snack: Banana snowman with pepper scarf, kiwi hat, pretzel arms, and yogurt snow

Earth Day week snack table
Earth Day week snack: Green Eggs and Ham! Everything green, even the deviled eggs!!

Spring week snack plate
Happy Spring with these adorable deviled egg chicks!

Mother's Day snack plate
A Mother's Day week snack that all moms would love!

camp week snack plate
Getting excited for Preschool Camp with a snack sweet pepper/pretzel/grape campfire and cheese tent!

rainbow week snack plate
The doctor always says you need to eat the colors of the rainbow for a balanced diet! Using snacktime to teach the kids this for rainbow week!

hawaii week snack plate
Aloha! Hawaii Week snack with spam musubi flip flops (a lesson about a cultural food too!), with pineapple and cucumber palm trees!

Snacks that they can help make:

Homemade apple sauce snack table
The kids peeled and ground their own apples to make apple sauce for this delicious Apple Week snack

kid making pizza for snacktime
Make your own mini pizzas! Always a kid favorite!

Frozen Yogurt cone snack table
Ice cream not healthy? How about homemade greek yogurt with berry mixins and homemade whole wheat waffle cones? After construction, just keep them on a tray in the freezer until snacktime:)


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