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The Top 10 things we LOVE about Co-Op Preschool

10. Opportunities for Creativity Students have so many options for creativity at Redmond Co-op: painting, wood working, teacher planned art projects, play dough, sand, blocks and more!

9. Field Trips

We love our field trips at Redmond Co-op! Students truly get to explore the world around them. Some of my favorites have been the Fire Station, The Salmon Hatchery, The Farm and the Grocery Store.

8. Learning through play Every day in Co-op there is dedicated time for students to explore and learn through play. With the increasing evidence of the importance of time for play for young children and the great ways that children actually learn through play, we always make sure that play is an important part of the preschool day.

7. Affordability When I started looking at preschools I was surprised at how incredibly high the cost of preschool was. I had already planned to look at Co-op preschool because I had such positive experiences with it when I was a child, so when I found out the difference in cost it was a really nice surprise. For just a small amount of volunteer work, you can save A LOT of money compared to other preschools.

6. Getting to know the kids Volunteering in the classroom once a week really has amazing benefits. It’s great to be able to watch your child grow, and its great to get to know their friends and see them grow as well. I love knowing that my child has so many other adults he can build positive relationships with.

5. Opportunities for learning One of my favorite things about Co-Op is it really makes learning fun for the students. The teachers love to integrate Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies into the daily activities, but in such a fun way the students don’t think its anything but play! Isn’t that the best way to learn? One of my favorite units during the 4’s class is when the kids learn about dinosaurs! Making fossils and “exploding” volcanoes, (baking soda and vinegar of course) helps to teach the students, but most importantly it get them to LOVE learning.

4. Being a part of the community One of the things we love to say at Redmond Co-Op is that Co-Op builds Community! Not only do the parents and students become a community, but we love participating in activities like Derby Days, and being a part of the larger Redmond , Washington Community.

3. Overnight Camp I know I am totally biased when it comes to Overnight Camp because one of my first memories ever was when I went to Overnight Co-Op Camp with my Dad over 30 years ago. But how could you forget scavenger hunts, field games, arts and crafts, bunk beds with your friends, a puppet show, tractor rides, the big slide and songs and s’mores around the campfire?

2. The amazing teachers We owe so much to the amazing teachers at Redmond Co-Op. Our parents and community volunteer to help, but the teachers really lead the way! Their patience, creativity, and knowledge always impresses me.

1. Making lifelong friends Truly one of the best things about Co-Op is the real connections you will make. So many Co-Op students AND parents not only meet great friends at Co-Op, but continue to build those friendships throughout their lives.

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