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Rodeo Days at Preschool

One of our favorite times of year in the 4 year old class is Rodeo Days! The kids love coming to school all dressed as little cowboys and cowgirls. Ms. Julie comes prepared with lots of Western activities, and the week ends in super fun rodeo games on the kids “horses”. Yee Haw!

Yummy horseshoe snacks for the kids

Lots of make believe and arts and crafts ready for the kids to explore

Here are some of our cowpokes from this year, all ready for fun!

The kids are ready for rodeo games with their handmade horses! This is a great activity to try at home as well, with mostly recycled material you can find around the house! Supplies needed:

  • Old wrapping paper roll for horses body

  • Paper bag for horses head

  • Old newspapers or other used paper to stuff the paper bag

  • Masking tape to attach everything

  • Yarn for hair

  • Construction paper for ears

  • Googly eyes (or markers can be used if you don’t have these)

  • Marker to decorate and name your new horse!

Ready to ride their horses

Lots of fun rodeo games!

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