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Preschool Camp Fun

Happy Summer! We posted some of our favorite old camp memories at the beginning of summer, I thought it would be nice to post some new camp memories as well! We were lucky enough to find a great Camp on the East Side with Camp Waskowitz! Here is a little of the fun!

Working on our lanterns at school

Tents are pretty much fun for everything: games, dress-ups, and story time.

The kids were excited to explore the new camp cabins and complete a scavenger hunt!

The big bell was all ready to call us to dinner!

Jumping for joy! Camp is so fun!

The huge lawn for games, sports and just plain running around!

We were so lucky to have Puppets Please perform for us!

And it would not be camp without S’mores! (closely supervised by parents of course!)

Craft time: Picture frames and boat racing!

Can’t wait til next year!

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