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Thank You, Motley Zoo, for Our Newest Family Members: Marshmallow and Jelly Bean!

Thanks to a generous donation from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, we are happy to introduce our newest family members: Marshmallow and Jelly Bean!

Sweet little Jelly Bean and Marshmallow

After their mother was rescued along with 250 of her closest friends and relatives from a serious hoarding situation earlier this year, Marshmallow and Jelly Bean were born into a loving foster home. They have been socialized since birth and enjoy being held and pet, so they are perfect for our youngsters! Only four months old, these two sisters are the sweetest guinea pigs you could ever meet! Jelly Bean has black-edged ears and Marshmallow’s ears are all pink! Although they are still settling in, they have already been getting lots of love from our kiddos and had a very exciting first week! The kids even got to vote on their names!

Kids petting the piggies

Motley Zoo is a non-profit no-kill animal rescue in Redmond dedicated to improving the lives of animals, ending pet overpopulation, and educating people on responsible pet ownership. Most of their animals are paired into foster homes to ensure that they get the best care and critical one-on-one attention. Because of this, we knew that any piggies we adopted from them would be healthy, well-cared for, and well-adjusted. Working with this entirely volunteer-run organization was a great experience as they patiently answered our questions and helped make sure we found the right fit!

Motley Zoo is always looking for support and volunteers, so if you are looking for a pet, interested in donating to their cause, or want to volunteer to help foster rescued animals, please visit for more information.

In short, a GIGANTIC thank you to Motley Zoo for all your help and the work that you do! We are so grateful to have been able to partner with a fellow Redmond-based non-profit to find these two loving gems and welcome them home!

Student ambassadors and Jme, Motley Zoo Founder

Marshmallow and Jelly Bean’s Journey Home in Pictures

We went to the Motley Zoo studio on Cleveland Street with our foster mom, who showed representatives from our new family how to handle us.

Foster mom showing our kids how to hold Marshmallow

We then went into a vehicle and ended up in a strange land. Do we dare explore?

Hiding in one of our houses
Coming out of our house to explore
Lots of cool stuff in here

Jackpot! Guess we should come out!

Found food!  Having a snack!

The kids in our new family voted on what to call us... I guess Marshmallow and Jelly Bean were their favorites!

Piggy name ballot box

Wow, we sure get a lot of attention (and veggies) in this place! I think we’re gonna like it here😊!

Student getting some lettuce
Students feeding lettuce to Jelly Bean
Working parents cuddling with us

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